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CJSC Avia-proekt is a specialized aviation enterprise delivering aviation materiel for the effective operation of aviation enterprises. The staff includes specialists having higher education and experience amounted to decades of working at civil aviation enterprises and of service in Air Forces of the USSR and RF Ministry of Defense.

We collaborate with the largest Russian manufacturers of aviation materiel:

JSC Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant
JSC Klimov
and others

with leading aviation repair plants of Civil Aviation and Air Forces:

JSC Ural works of civil aviation
JSC Rostov Civil Aviation Plant 412
RF DoD Aviation Repair Plant 121
RF DoD Aviation Repair Plant 218
RF DoD Aviation Repair Plant 308
and with well-known air companies.

For many aviation enterprises CJSC Avia-proekt is a dominant supplier of component parts. The developed infrastructure of the enterprise provides for customers a full service package related to the storage and delivery of aviation materiel acquired. Delivery of aviation materiel is carried out on the ground of trusted joint operation agreements, contracts and warranty letters of customers.

You are invited for a long-term and mutually advantageous cooperation.