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"Avia-proekt" company was founded in 2003. The core business of the company is delivery of aeronautical materials for aviation enterprises and management of repair of both aviation materiel and its components. The staff includes professionals having inestimable experience gained at civil aviation enterprises of the Soviet Union and Russia, during service in the USSR and Russian Federation Air Forces. The members of the staff are both the officers out of service in reserve and those who occupied precedently executive positions in Civil Aviation.

The wide experience is related to engineering directions, operation and maintenance of aviation materiel and the organization of aviation business itself. A strong, highly professional and efficient team of about 30 persons is created in the company as of today. The company collaborates with the largest Russian manufacturers of aviation materiel: JSC Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, JSC Klimov, JSC Kamov, also with famous native plants: JSC Electropribor (Kazan), JSC Moscow Plant Temp (Moscow), JSC Yaroslavl Radio Manufacturing Plant (Yaroslavl), JSC Gidroavtomatika (Samara), JSC Tekhpribor (Saint-Petersburg), JSC Moscow Plant MPZ2 (Moscow) and with the leading aviation repair plants: JSC SPARC, JSC Ural Works of Civil Aviation, JSC Omsk Civil Aviation Plant, JSC Rostov Civil Aviation Plant 412, RF DoD Aviation Repair Plant 121, RF DoD Aviation Repair Plant 218, RF DoD Aviation Repair Plant 356 and others. "The main principle of our business is trustability" – the director general said.

CJSC Avia-proekt participated in International MAKS –2005 exhibition, where for the first time it represented its own development - air-cushion AeroScooter Donat. AeroScooter met with public notice at the exhibition. We received many questions concerning AeroScooter after participation in MAKS starting from "where is it possible to see" and "give more details") to "where is it possible to buy" – S.L. Sheygas noted. It was the first own engineering development of CJSC AVIA-PROEKT. This development demonstrated the engineering capabilities of the company.

After participation in MAKS we made a number of organizational conclusions, obtained a license to develop aviation materiel, created a design-engineering department including designers highly qualified in helicopter construction and at the beginning of 2007 we concluded to start developing the Light Multipurpose Helicopter having the coded name AP-55.

Design works were started by the efforts of the small well-consolidated team. Design engineering is performed using up-to-date application software that advances the process and increases the efficiency of designers’ labor. The result is a great scope of work executed within just over one year – from a sketch to a full-size dummy. The dummy of helicopter was presented at the first Russian International Helicopter Exhibition HeliRussia 2009 held in Moscow in May, where it was the only novelty of the season and an object of interest of some specialists and high-ranking officials. Representatives of commercial entities having the helicopter park also took interest in helicopter purchasing after the serial production starting.

AP-55 is a four-five seat multipurpose helicopter of coaxial configuration with a turboshaft engine. The helicopter can be used for initial training of pilots, for passenger-and-freight transportation and for solution of different peacetime missions. The operating entities have a stereotype concerning advantage of a single-rotor configuration in terms of reliability over coaxial configuration, which has a great probability of blades whipping. But it is proved by the long-term experience of employment of coaxial configuration helicopter that the corresponding disadvantage is far back in the past and blades whipping occurs less frequently than main rotor blade striking against the tail boom. Besides the coaxial configuration is safer for operating personnel, the helicopter has smaller dimensions; it is more easily navigated and has the less fuel consumption in comparison with single-rotor helicopters. Design of AP-55 is quite simple and combines with integration of aluminum alloys and composite materials application. Of course, it is not a "know-how", but there are some patented innovations among technical and engineering solutions. In particular innovations are the rotor system and transmission gearbox.

Special attention should be paid to a powerplant As the engine it is chosen compact, highly economical and highly resource the gas-turbine engine of company Rolls-Royce Model 250-C20-B/J. The engine has a modular design that facilitates its repair and technical operation. Engines of this series for all term of their operation have proved as highly reliable aggregates. Were used as a power plant on a number of mass foreign helicopters. It is necessary to notice, that company Rolls-Royce offers the extensive program after sale service for the clients, has a number of the service centers worldwide with round-the-clock service of technical support AP-55 will be equipped with advanced flight-navigation equipment. There are two variants of passengers’ arrangement in the cockpit: base variant of four passengers carriage and VIP variant of three passengers arrangement in the cockpit of higher level of comfort. With relation to the main performances AP-55 is highly competitive with its direct competitors. For example, the flight range is 515 km, the useful load - 300 kg, the cruiser speed - 240 km/h, the hover ceiling - 3600 m, the overhaul life - 5000 hours. Size of helicopter landing site should be nothing but 15x15 m.

The present situation at the Russian market of light helicopters is not to the best advantage. None of series-produced helicopter is offered by the Russian manufacturer. Therefore expensive foreign analogues are presented, which do not have developed chains of maintenance. After approaching the market AP-55 will be more attractive for the Russian consumers for a variety of reasons, among which are availability of spare parts and repair and possibility of employment in severe climatic conditions. At this stage manufacturing of pilot models is prepared. The models will be assembled at one of the leading helicopter construction enterprise of the country. The project is financed by own funds of company, but attraction of outward investments is planned.